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03.09.16NYC Adventures | Harlem

I love sharing the fun adventures we have right here in our own city. Rob and I plan weekly dates for each other, alternating weeks for who does the planning. We aim to keep it as inexpensive as possible. It can be anything from renting a movie at home to going to a show we’ve been wanting to see. It’s a fun way to spend quality time together, serve one another by planning something for the other, and to enjoy more of the place we call home.

A few weeks ago, Rob and I had an adventure in Harlem. Most visitors to NYC probably don’t go to Harlem, but I think there is a strong case for visiting the eclectic neighborhood. It’s the neighborhood just north of where we live, yet I always travel south in Manhattan for work, school, or shows. Heading north was a fun and different date.

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We started at the Museum of the City of New York, located across Fifth Avenue from Central Park at 103rd, and one of our favorite museums. With my NYU student ID, I can get myself and a guest in for free, though it’s a definitely museum worth paying for. I loved the exhibition on the NYC Marathon – it was amazing to learn about its rich history in this city, to hear the inspiring stories, and to see the motivating images across the years. I’ll be honest – it made me want to run a marathon!

There are also fascinating exhibits on housing and urban planning, art galleries, and a collection from the gilded age of NYC’s history. Not to mention, the staircase is a stunner! I highly recommend this museum – and it’s not far from the Met or the Guggenheim if you’re already near there.


After working up our appetite, we went even farther north to Malcolm X and 116th for dinner at Amy Ruth’s. Amy Ruth’s is a legendary soul food hot spot in Harlem, hosting many celebrities and presidents throughout the years. Known for their chicken and waffles, we we knew exactly what to order: The Reverend Al Sharpton, your basic chicken and waffle (hold the gravy). To be honest, this was more of a date for Rob, knowing how much he likes fried chicken. I’ve never liked fried chicken all that much, but I try to live by the “when in Rome” motto. My verdict? Amazing! I got past my annoyance with cutting around the bone in the chicken and devoured my chicken and waffle. I loved getting a taste of true soul food in the heart of Harlem.

It’s certainly off the beaten path, and far from what you’ll experience in, say, Times Square… but that’s a good thing ;). Harlem is definitely worth checking out. The Museum of the City of New York followed by chicken and waffles at Amy Ruth’s made the perfect date.

09.23.15NYC Fall 2015 Bucket List

Happy first day of Fall! My favorite season has arrived, and with it a slight chill in the air. It’s glorious :). What are your plans to soak up the season? I’ve got a few things in mind and thought I’d share. If you’re making a trip to NYC this fall, be sure to check out some of these activities!

  • Go to a Yankees game in the Bronx
  • Celebrate Rob’s birthday
  • Go apple picking in upstate New York (Harvest Moon Orchard)
  • Follow a new recipe using apples that we pick
  • Ride 30 miles for Bike MS NYC
  • Host fabulous friends who moved from NYC to SF earlier this year
  • Spend an afternoon at Albertine bookshop
  • Host my cousin for a weekend in the city
  • Halloween parties! I love DIY-ing costumes.
  • Visit the Whitney Museum
  • Try Levain Bakery for a chocolate chip walnut cookie and take a walk around the UWS
  • Run in Central Park – can’t beat those trees changing colors!
  • Visit the Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall in Astoria and try a seasonal beer
  • Host my family for Thanksgiving in our new home – time to break out the wedding china!
  • Go to the annual Macy’s float inflation the evening before the parade
  • Go to free admission hours at Brooklyn Botanic Garden or New York Botanic Garden
  • Buy apples or pumpkin bread at the Union Square Farmer’s Market