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02.24.16What’s Up-Wednesday

Hi friends! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Between work, school, and other life happenings, it’s been a crazy few months! I’m making a conscious effort to get back into my little corner of the world wide web more often – though I can’t yet predict how often. As a way to catch up a bit, I thought I’d link up with some other bloggers who answer some questions on the last Wednesday of each month. Here we go!

What we’re eating this week:
We aim to have home-cooked meals each weekday. Tonight we’re having lemon pistachio ravioli, but I’m really looking forward to my favorite winter meal on Friday: loaded potato soup. That recipe is the best I’ve ever had. I love making a big pot of soup and then being able to eat it across several meals. It’s far from healthy, but it is SO GOOD.


What I’m reminiscing about:
On Sunday night, Rob and I went to the New York Carolina Club’s meet and greet event with several Tar Heel basketball players who now play for the Brooklyn Nets and the Charlotte Hornets. Being around over 100 UNC alum and getting Tyler Hansbrough to sign my jersey made me feel so nostalgic for my fun college experience – so many amazing memories with friends!


What I’m loving:
The Anthropologie Capri candle I got for Christmas. It’s burning right next to me as I type!

What we’ve been up to:
Getting together with lots of friends – new and old, running as much as I can, and redeeming my Christmas gift from Rob: tickets to the NYC Ballet!



What I’m dreading:
Currently nothing!

What I’m working on:
I’ve been working on an article write-up for my Marketing and Branding class today.

What I’m excited about:
My sister coming to visit this weekend!

What I’m watching/reading:
Recently finished reading The Husband’s Secret (SO good) and just started A Praying Life.

What I’m listening to:
I’ve been enjoying Spotify’s free 3-month trial of their premium service! You can follow my current favorites here.

What I’m wearing:
Black denim, black booties, black and white striped shirt, cream poncho.

What I’m doing this weekend:
It’s a busy weekend ahead! We are having a quiet night in on Friday with a Redbox and potato soup (and likely stove-popped popcorn). On Saturday we are going on a lunch double date with friends who also moved to NYC from Charlottesville. We are trying AG Kitchen on the Upper West Side. Then my sister arrives!! We have lots of fun in store, including some yummy meals and our friends’ Oscars viewing party.

What I’m looking forward to next month:
My half-marathon on March 20 and seeing my family at the end of the month!

What else is new:
We finally pulled the trigger on art for over our couch. We had been wanting this framed print since July, and now it completes our room! It brings back memories of the most beautiful animal we saw on our safari in South Africa last summer, and I love the simplicity of it.



What’s up with you?!

11.17.15A Day in the Life – Work Day

As a follow-up to last week’s Day in the Life post on a school day, today I’m sharing a day in the life on a work day. I documented this last Wednesday, which was another rainy and dreary day. (Pardon the dark pictures.)

6:00 am – Rob gets up, showers, and gets dressed for the day, while I cook him breakfast and make his lunch. I make him a waffle with fruit, green tea, and watered-down V8 Fusion.

6:45 am – Rob is out the door and I am back in bed. I read/rest for a little while longer.

7:30 am – Time for me to get up and get ready. Shower, hair, make-up, dressed, bag packed, and out the door.


8:30 am – Head to subway to commute to work (Gap’s headquarters in TriBeCa). I don’t love that it takes me so long to commute (an hour), but I’m so thankful that I work in a very relaxed and low-key environment. People trickle in from 9:30-11:00am, so there is never any pressure to be “on time.” I use the commute to read and/or pray.


9:20 am – I get out of the subway at the Brooklyn Bridge stop and love the view as I come up the stairs. Then I spot tourists hand-feeding a squirrel and almost laugh out loud.

9:30 am – Arrive at work and settle in at my desk. Begin the day’s work! I create the content calendars for Gap and Gap Kids on social media – Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I also manage Gap’s blog that features partners/influencers styling tips for Gap clothing. I also help set the artistic direction/brand voice for digital campaigns that our agency works with us on. For the content calendars, I am always working on the week ahead, so I try to hammer it out on Wednesdays in order to get final approval before Friday. I love being the voice of the Gap brand on social and curating our feeds to reflect a positive, optimistic, and elevated brand. I take pride in finding just the right images and writing the perfect copy to go with them. I get to be creative within a fairly structured environment, which is just what I like ;).

11:30 am – Status meeting with our agency who is in town from San Francisco for a couple of days. We review tasks and make some decisions for social and digital paid content for the next two quarters.

12:30 pm – After our meeting, the agency team takes our team of four out to lunch right around the corner at The Odeon. It was insanely delicious. I had an Arnold Palmer, the butternut squash soup special, and caesar salad. We all shared fries and macaroni and cheese. It was fun to get to know the people I’d been communicating with via email for the past several weeks!


2:00 pm – Back at my desk and continuing work on social copy and reviewing posts (and their engagement)  that have gone live today.


4:00 pm – Dial-in meeting with our agency (the other part of the team that didn’t come to NYC this week) to review digital creative for the rest of November and December. We approved various ad campaigns for Holiday ’15 that are in tandem with our blog/influencer partnerships featured on Cindy Crawford is one of our influencers/talents this season!

IMG_1883 IMG_1895

6:00 pm – I wrap up for the day and begin my trek home, walking by One World Trade on my way to the subway.

Bathroom selfie on my way out of work.

Bathroom selfie on my way out of work.


7:00 pm – I get home and immediately start prepping a fast dinner of lamb meatballs, rice, and zucchini. I prepare the Trader Joe’s lamb kofta meatballs from the frozen section – they are so delicious and so easy on nights when I don’t have much time to cook! Rob eats while we chat and sip on champagne because he passed his Series 63 exam! We are especially excited because he’s finished all his training and licensing exams necessary for work – finally!

7:30 pm – Wednesday at 7:30 is our weekly “Community Group.” CG is a group of 12ish Upper East Siders who attend Apostles Church and gather each Wednesday night. Some nights it’s Bible Study, some nights it’s prayer, some nights it’s a social event. Tonight is more social and divided between girls and guys. The girls are meeting nearby for wine and crepes. I go and order a glass of red wine, and a strawberry nutella crepe. I love this group of friends and feel so thankful to have them in my life. Some I’ve known for years, and some I’ve just gotten to know in the past few months. New York is truly full of amazing people.

IMG_1917 IMG_1909

9:45 pm – I get home from girls’ night and hang out with Rob for a few.

10:30 pm – Bed time! I read in bed until 11:30 or so. Tomorrow is a busy day with lots of appointments and friend time before class at night. 

Today’s stats:


11.11.15A Day in the Life – School Day

Per a special request, I’m sharing a “day in the life” with you all. But instead of just one day, I’m going to walk you through a day in the life on a school day, and then in a few days, I’ll walk you through a day in the life on a work day. This term, I work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Gap headquarters in TriBeCa, and have classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights either in Midtown or Washington Square. My activities vary so much depending on whether I’m working or have class that day, so one day doesn’t really give a good representation of my life. Let’s start with Tuesday – a school day.

6:00 am – Every weekday starts at 6:00am. Rob gets ready for the day, while I cook him breakfast and make his lunch. This saves him a few more minutes of precious sleep time, and I like being able to help him out and share a few more minutes of the day together. I either make him a waffle with fruit or an egg on toast with green tea and watered-down V8 Fusion. Sometimes things get extra crazy and I make sausage balls or bacon. I don’t eat breakfast except on Saturday mornings, but I make myself a cup of tea.

6:45 am – Rob is out the door and I am combing through emails, starting with The Skimm, my New York Times morning briefing, and a morning devotional. If you don’t get The Skimm or NYT, I highly recommend!

7:30 am – I throw on some workout clothes and head out to tackle Trader Joe’s on the Upper West Side. I would normally walk across the park, but rain is in the forecast all day, so I catch the cross-town bus. I want to get there when they open at 8am to make it as painless as possible. As crowded as TJs gets, you just can’t beat their amazing food and prices. Along the way, I make a pit stop at Levain Bakery to pick up a chocolate chip walnut cookie for later. It’s on my Fall Bucket List to stop by there on the Upper West Side (which is one of my favorite parts of town). I also pause to take in the bodega’s fresh flowers. They brighten up a gloomy day! One of the best parts of living in NYC is fresh flowers on nearly every corner – and for so little money! You can get a gorgeous bouquet for $5 to $10!



Ok, cookie in hand, I’m back on track, continuing to Trader Joe’s. I’ve got my list in hand and grab a basket (not a cart) so I know how heavy my load is getting. I LOVE TRADER JOE’S.




9:00 am – I make my way back across Central Park on the cross-town bus and unload groceries at home.

9:30 am – Time to start this week’s laundry. If there’s one thing I would trade about life in NYC and life anywhere else, it’d be having an in-unit laundry machine and dryer. I definitely cherished it while living in Charlottesville. I’m very fortunate to have a laundry room in our building, though. I load up our clothes and take the elevator down to the 2nd floor and begin a couple of loads.


9:20 am – Back upstairs and sitting down with my Magazine Media textbook to read a couple of chapters ahead of tonight’s class.

9:45 am – I head back downstairs to switch the laundry over to the dryer.

9:55 am – I continue reading for class.

10:30 am – Back downstairs to gather all the clothes from the dryer. In the apartment, I turn on Friends and start folding the laundry (my least favorite chore – thank goodness for Friends in the background). A pile of socks = the bane of my existence.



11:00 am – I tidy up the apartment to get ready for some friends coming over for lunch. I put away shoes, coats, clothes, magazines/newspapers, cups sitting on the coffee table, etc.

11:30 am – I have two girlfriends and a toddler over for lunch. We’re all home during the day today, so it’s nice to be able to get together and chat. I make paninis and have chips and vegetables set out for munching. We mostly chase after the cutest one-year old who has found himself in a non-baby-proofed home ;).

1:30 pm – Friends leave by now and I finish reading a bit in my Magazine Media textbook and print out the mission statement for the magazine my group is launching.

2:15 pm – I go to the gym in our building for a quick 25-minute run and listen to NPR Morning Show.



2:45 pm – Shower time! Then I get dressed, do my hair and make-up, and pack up my bag for the evening.

3:20 pm – Head to the subway on 77th street for an appointment followed by class. I love walking in New York – you see something new and beautiful no matter how many times you walk the same path.

4:00 pm – I show up for my appointment at the Mid-town Manhattan Library near Bryant Park to obtain an NYC ID card. My friend just did this, and it allows you to get free membership for a year to many museums around the city, so I decided to make an appointment for it too!

4:20 pm – Take a walk through Bryant Park’s Winter Village that was recently set up for the holiday season. Making a mental list of all the shops I want to check out more thoroughly in the coming weeks!




5:30 pm – Head into NYU’s Midtown Center (directly across from Bryant Park) and read my book and eat the snack I brought. Also pop into a computer lab to catch up on some school-related emails.


6:30 pm – Class time! This is our second session (out of 7) of Intro to Magazine Media, and it’s a bit more intense than Intro to Book Publishing. But I feel like I’m learning so much! Our professor is the Managing Editor at the Oprah Magazine and very energetic. The discussion for this class is centered around digital content and how to monetize it – on the web, social, and mobile – which is great, because I’m particularly interested in this career-wise. Our group shares the mission statement we wrote for the new magazine we’re launching, which is the first step in a course–long project.


9:00 pm – Class is over and I walk over to Grand Central to catch the train home.


9:30 pm – Home! Glad to be out of the chilly mist. One thing I never take for granted is having a place to come home to that I truly love. I love walking home knowing that our home is relaxing, calming, and comfortable. Tonight, Rob is already in bed because he has a BIG exam in the morning – the Series 63 – which is the final step in his months of training and licensing for his job. I creep into the bedroom and give him a kiss goodnight, then write this post/read in the living room until about 11:00pm. Tomorrow is a work day for me!


PS – I can report that the Levain cookie was heaven on earth. :)

Also – every night, I check my FitBit stats to make sure I’ve hit my goals for the day. Today was an exceptionally good day!


Some routines are always the same on class days. I do laundry once a week, and always on a class day. I also try to grocery shop on a class day, especially if it’s to a store that’s farther away, like Trader Joe’s. I also love being able to see other friends who are home during the day.

Other class days have something unique going on. Some class days, I get to do an “industry visit” with my NYU program where we visit publishing companies like Penguin Random House, Twitter, or Bloomberg Media. I also schedule one-off appointments (medical, hair cut, etc.) on the days I’m not working. And as often as possible, I take my runs outside in Central Park. It is simply gorgeous and the best mood-booster!

Thanks for following along! If you’ve ever shared a day in your life, leave a link in the comments!