11.11.12Edge of the World

Rob and I often joke that we’re Mat Kearney‘s groupies; we’ve been to 5 of his shows together in the past 3 years. In Charlotte, Chapel Hill, or New York, we make a point to see him every time he’s in town. He’s a great entertainer with fun and unique music. Whether we’re road-tripping, studying, cooking, or working, Mat Kearney always makes an appearance on our playlist. So, you can bet that he’ll get played at our wedding! Here’s a fun one that Rob and I like to think is a little bit of “us.”

“Edge Of The World”

C’mon get your hand in mine
Gonna see all we can find
The rainbows grow and the wild wind blows
Gonna leave all the rest behind
Cause I might have found
The edge of the world
Heaven rises inside your voice
Do you see what I can see
Singing ba pa da ba ba ba
Dream a little dream with me
Singing la la la la la la
Painting outside the lines
Maybe we can find the edge of the world
Maybe we can find the edge of the world
Jumping into the deep
Of all that we want to be
See the colors in my head
The purple and the red
Feel it falling down so free
Cause I might have found
The end of time
Oceans falling to your eyes


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