06.02.17Friday Finds

It was a short work-week, but I’m already excited for another weekend! We have lots of fun planned with each other and with friends — and some beautiful spring weather in the forecast. I snapped the photo above while taking a little walk/break at work this week. Working in TriBeCa makes for quite the commute, but it’s such an interesting neighborhood. There are so many buildings, walls, shops, and gardens to stop and admire!

Every time friends have a baby (like last week!), we start a MealBaby train to care for them as they adjust to life with a newborn.

We watched this movie this week and really enjoyed it.

This week’s nail polish: Clambake

We celebrated FIVE years since our engagement yesterday!

I made these blondies for a picnic last weekend and they were divine.

A fool-proof — but beautiful — greenery arrangement.

I’m loving this song right now.

A good reminder.


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