08.14.15Friday Finds

Happy Friday! Rob starts work on Monday, and while I know that’s totally normal and important and necessary… I’m still dreading it just a bit. Since he graduated in May, we’ve been together 24/7 – traveling, moving, nesting, making new friends, exploring, and eating every single meal together. I’ve definitely grown accustomed to his company, and I’m going to miss it (I don’t start my grad program until September). We’ve savored it all, and it’s truly been a summer filled with the best memories. So cheers to a new chapter and different but exciting adventures ahead!

This made me laugh.

How to set a personal budget based on your values.

A new shoe trend I’m seeing everywhere, plus a summery version that I love.

50 summer salads.

Chick-fil-a lovers in NYC are rejoicing.

The ultimate guide to cheese.


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