04.13.15DIY: Embellished Sandals

Last year I started noticing a fun trend with sandals, and I’ve also noticed the trend is back around for this summer, too. Embellished sandals are everywhere, and they add a fun little pizzazz to an outfit!

EMbellished Sandals inspiration

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Unfortunately, each of these shoes is way out of my price range, but they sure are cute! Since I don’t like to spend a lot of money on trends, and I also love to DIY when I can, I made my own embellished sandals. For $10 (I got my Old Navy sandals on major sale), I’ve got myself a cute pair of sandals that were also fun to make! They won’t last forever, but they’ll be great for this summer.

What you need:
1 pair of inexpensive sandals with straps wide enough for embellishment (Old Navy | LOFT)
2 different sizes of clear crystals with a flat back (Michaels)
E6000 glue (Michaels)

What you do:
Play around with your crystals on the shoe strap to find the design you like best. It also helps to put your foot in the sandal to see how the strap will lie. Once you have the design you like, begin with the center crystal and put a small drop of glue on the back. Press and hold it into place. Continue gluing crystals to the strap from the center outward. Let dry overnight. Ta-dah!

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