04.06.15Cleaning out the closets with Twice

I’ve mentioned many times on here how I’m constantly de-cluttering and simplifying our possessions, especially as our move (and downsize) approaches. From kitchen items to linens to clothing, we’re starting to get lean! The most beneficial method of cleaning out closets, however, has been with Twice, an online consignment shop made up of second-hand brand name items.

Twice - Online ConsignmentI’ve only participated in selling to Twice, as opposed to doing any shopping, but my experience has been fantastic. I requested a free selling kit from their website and it arrived in my mailbox just a few days later. Inside the kit are instructions and a large, sturdy bag with pre-paid shipping. As I was cleaning out our closets, I simply checked to see if the brand I wanted to get rid of was accepted, then put it in the bag. I could also get an estimate to see how much a particular item of clothing from particular brand would earn me. After I sent everything off in the mail, I got my offer with an explanation for each item. About half of my items sold and the rest were donated to charity by Twice. I made $20 on my first shipment to them!

There really isn’t anything easier than using Twice to clean out your closet, especially if you can get a little cash for the chore! It cost me $0 to participate, I got rid of about 20 articles (clothing, shoes, bags), I made $20, and whatever wasn’t sold was donated without me having to drive anywhere.

I’m already working on my second bag of items to send to Twice – it sure makes cleaning out a little more fun and a lot more hassle-free!

Though not all brands are accepted (like Target or Old Navy), many are! You can check which brands they’ll buy from you (and for how much) with their handy online tool.

Spring cleaning, anyone?


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