04.01.15Nicaragua Part 3: Rancho Santana

We made it to the Pacific Coast in time for the most gorgeous sunset. Our team divided into three condos at Rancho Santana and met up for a group dinner before gathering around a fire pit to chat and discuss our trip so far.

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The next day, some people went surfing or horseback riding, but Rob and I camped out at the pool under one of the cabanas to try to stay out of the sun a little and also to relax. We didn’t realize how completely exhausted we were until we got to the beach, but it felt so good to have slow days of reading, reflecting on our experiences, and watching the roll of the waves as they came in to shore.

The Nicaraguan coast is stunning. Rocky hills lead down to gorgeous beaches with massive waves. In fact, it’s a popular destination for surfers and surfing competitions, and beach tourism is one of Nicaragua’s most important industries. I have to admit, though — it was a jarring experience to go from poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Granada to a westernized tourist destination at the beach in a matter of hours.

But these few days at the beach really allowed us to bond even more as a group and have important discussions mixed among numerous games of Fishbowl. I love that I can say that every single person on the trip is now a special friend and I love that we have these memories with them to hold on to forever.

Nicaragua, you were more than I ever could have dreamed. Thank you for giving me the experiences of a lifetime!

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  1. natalie Alexander

    What a wonderful trip you had. Thank you for all that you and rob did (do). I left my heart in Nicaragua many years ago. I’ve been twice. We did mission work in the heart of Managua. It truly is a special place! Xo

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