02.23.15The 2015 Academy Awards: Style Favorites

It’s Hollywood’s biggest night and a celebration of the most talented people in film-making… but I think the red carpet is just as exciting. For the Oscars, the grand finale of awards season, stars pull out show-stopping gowns. Here are some of my favorite looks from the evening:

I don’t normally love white evening-wear (I think of it as bridal), but apparently I’ve had a change of heart. Those white gowns are all so stunning (yet so different). However, Rosamund Pike’s red, textured dress definitely stole the show for me last night! It looks like a work of art, and she looks positively regal in it.

And my vote for best-dressed man at the Oscars goes to Eddie Redmayne. I might be biased, because I think he’s such an incredible actor, but I’m really loving the navy and black tux. A little something different, but still classy.

And Eddie is followed closely by a dapper Channing Tatum. He can sure clean up :).

Now, completely unrelated to the red carpet, but how AMAZING was Lady Gaga’s tribute to The Sound of Music?! My jaw actually dropped. I had never heard her voice so pure (yet powerful), and it was truly incredible. That movie has a very special place in my heart, so it was wonderful to see and hear such a touching tribute to its 50th anniversary. And THEN… Julie Andrews came on stage. If you missed it, please watch! My favorite part of the show :).

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