02.17.15Snow Day

Snow days are the best. I’ve always loved them for as far back as I can remember. I can even remember the unusual blizzard we got in Atlanta in 1993. My mom put as many layers on my sister and me as possible (including plastic bags over our feet inside our shoes since we didn’t have snow boots living in Atlanta and all…). We had so much fun! The whole street was covered in snow, and everyone came out to play! My first blizzard was one of my favorite memories. In fact, many of my favorite memories involve snow…

So now I’m 25 and still freak out like a child at the prospect of snow. In fact, I’m secretly jealous of all my friends in NYC complaining about the cold and the snow while I’m missing out on it. It better be that snow-y next year ;).

But today, in Virginia, we have real snow. And I am SO EXCITED! My perfect snow day entails:

  • Sleeping in
  • Reading in bed
  • Hot tea
  • Bundling up in all the layers
  • Stomping through big piles of snow
  • Making a snow angel or two
  • Quick snowball fight
  • Making a bowl of snow + maple syrup (fave snow day treat)
  • Taking a bubble bath with a good book (and red wine)
  • Putting on warm fuzzy socks and turning on my electric blanket
  • Cooking dinner with my husband
  • Watching a movie

What does your perfect snow day look like?!

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