01.23.15Friday Finds

I’ve been waiting for this particular weekend for, oh, only about 9 years! One of my oldest and dearest friends is marrying her high school sweetheart (they started dating our Junior year!) this weekend on their 9th dating anniversary! I can’t wait to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful marriage :). Hope your weekend is wonderful, and enjoy some of my favorite finds from the internet.

Have you heard of the KonMari method of tidying up? Sounds fascinating.

The Everything Guide to Posture.

A mom bills a 5-year old for missing her son’s birthday party. Yes, really.

Twelve lessons learned in twelve years of marriage.

Beer + Girl Scout cookies… find the perfect pairing.

The scoop on the “Designated Survivor” is fascinating. (This year’s was Anthony Foxx.)

How close would you get to orcas?

See how much the “Perfect Female Body” has changed over 100 years.

How to fall asleep in under one minute.

Some real-life (and insightful!) ways to negotiate a raise at work.

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