12.03.14Colorado Springs

Recently Rob was asked to attend a conference on behalf of one of the clubs he’s involved in at school. The conference was held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO and was “all expenses paid,” so I decided to spring for my own plane ticket and join him in the famous historical hotel out west.

My first day and a half was gorgeous blue skies and even warm in the 70s. My sweet friend, Grace, drove down from Denver to have dinner and drinks with me and it was so wonderful to see her again! The next day, after exploring the hotel and grounds, I ventured over to Garden of the Gods, just 15 minutes away. I had visited Garden of the Gods with my family when I was a kid and knew I had to check it out once more. I spent a couple hours hiking along various trails through the incredible rock formations, stopping every now and then to take it all in. I haven’t spent much time out west, but it’s gorgeous.

I couldn’t have timed my excursion any better, because on my drive back to the Broadmoor, the winds came howling and the skies quickly grayed. The temperature kept dropping until it was in the upper teens that night and snowing. We woke up to a wintry wonderland the next morning. Our view looked like a fairytale. I always think snow is kind of magical :).

Since it was so bitterly cold, I just did all the things one would do when snowed in, except in a fabulous hotel: I read my book, I sipped hot tea in bed, I bundled up for a photo walk around the grounds, I went over to the indoor pool and then the outdoor hot tub, I got a solo lunch while watching the snow come in, I visited the hotel’s library and shops, I drank red wine, took a bubble bath, and read some more. Now that is a vacation.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity Darden gave Rob to go to that conference, which allowed me to join him for very little cost — it was an incredible experience and a reminder of just how fantastic and beautiful our country is.

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