11.17.14Guess Who’s Back?

Yep, betcha didn’t think Eminem would be making an appearance on my blog. But hey, I was in middle school in the early 2000s so the song has kinda been engraved in my brain. Anyhow, it’s true — I’m back, tell a friend!

I realized that this little blog of mine really does fire me up and I’ve missed it over the past few months. It’s my creative outlet, which is a very important outlet for me. I get excited to document things I’ve learned, loved, and seen. I enjoy sharing them with whoever might be listening, and to remember them for my future self.

I read my fair share of blogs covering myriad topics because I find that personal stories are just the best way to really glean applicable ideas for my own life. I learn about genius crafting ideas, how to train for endurance races, fabulous appetizer spreads, hidden travel gems, and more. These ideas prompt me to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise tried and to even build out my own creative side in a way suited to my own life through experimentation. I’m just really thankful for the unique way blogs have enhanced my life as an adult.

And now I’m back and ready to continue sharing my own discoveries and thoughts from my little corner of the world.

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