11.25.14The Feather Story

While all my grandparents are wonderful storytellers, my grandpa on my dad’s side would often tell my sister and me fictional stories at bedtime when we were visiting (that he made up as he went!). He also likes to tell us stories about when we were younger. My grandpa likes to remind me of the “feather story” and how he always thinks of me when he sees a feather. He recently re-discovered the story where he documented it many years ago and sent it to me. It’s so special to have his stories, both fiction and non-fiction, in writing to cherish forever.

While on vacation one time in Kentucky with Dave and Brenda and Stephanie and Bridgette, we went out to dinner on the other side of the lake. It was near dusk and there was a small animal farm at the rear of the restaurant and it had some other displays of local interest. Colored lights were hanging about, and music was playing.

I was bringing up the rear, holding Bridgette’s hand. She was quite small. As we walked among and through the little pens of animals, Bridgette kept saying “Look Grandpa!!” “Look!!” And I was saying, “Yes, honey I see the animals and the lights.” This went on for several minutes, and finally Bridgette just stopped walking. “Look Grandpa!!!” And so I finally looked at her to see what animal she was excited about. And she held out her little hand with a feather in it. She was in awe of this fluff in her hand.

And so that evening this little child taught me to not look around too much or too far to see the wonder of His creation. Just a feather picked from the ground??? I think not.

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As he says, “It is amazing how we can be instruments of God’s love and teaching no matter what our age or size or anything.” While I’m no longer a little girl, I want to always stop in awe of Creation around me, even a white, fluffy feather.

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