11.20.14Gratitude Printable

I’ve been having some fun learning new techniques and functions in Photoshop and decided to make a cute little printable that I can put in a frame around the house or on my bulletin board at work. At first I thought it would be great for Thanksgiving, but then I realized it should really stay up in a visible place year-round as a gentle reminder.

The quote I chose is one that has been extremely important to me over the past year. Recently, my small group read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, which could be summarized in one sentence: The root of joy is gratefulness. Ever since I read that book, I’ve been consciously reminding myself of what I’m grateful for – from small things like the way our living room smells when I light a candle, to big things like the way my husband makes me laugh all the time. It has really helped me when I’ve been lacking in the joy department and has shifted my perspective on what it means to be joyful. Gratitude changes everything.

Download your own printable here!

the root of joy is gratefulness

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