04.18.14Friday Finds

Happy weekend! Five Easters ago, I was traveling through Europe with my dear friend and fellow study abroader, Lennon, as our program in London had come to a close. It just so happened that we were in Zurich, Switzerland on Easter Sunday of 2009. Many languages are spoken in Switzerland, but Zurich, on the whole, speaks German… of which I know only how to count to three, mostly thanks to German bobsledders in the Olympics. Regardless, Lennon and I were determined to worship and experience Easter in another culture. We went to a large German-speaking church high on a hill with beautiful, historic architecture. It was such an interesting experience. Despite not knowing German, I recognized the tune to some hymns and just sang in English. I could also make out when they were saying the Lord’s Prayer based on various pauses and inflections.

While I enjoyed worshiping our God in a completely different setting and witnessing the “globalness” of Christianity, Lennon and I were struck by how somber the mood was. No joyful embraces, no life-filled flowers adorning the sanctuary, no celebratory music. To us, it felt odd. While Good Friday can be a somber occasion, Easter is THE day to rejoice! Jesus conquered death, fulfilling God’s promises, and allowing us to live with God forever. If that’s not cause to celebrate, I don’t know what is. I hope you have a celebratory Easter Sunday knowing that our Savior lives.

“He is not here, for he is risen, as he said.” -Matthew 28:6

Statue of a homeless Jesus. Shout out to Davidson, NC!

I love these nautical studs.

Instagram filters, definitively ranked.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant had all the letters turned over & still didn’t solve the puzzle.

It’s just about arm season

This looks like a perfect warm-weather lunch (minus the mayo).

A thought-provoking article on the use of the word, “blessed.”

How one runner (hilariously) passes time during her half-marathon.

A cute rain jacket for those April showers.

Amazing aerial views.

An inexpensive, colorful Easter craft.

This week’s blood moon.

Perfect socks for Toms, Converse, Keds, etc.

P.S. Happy birthday, Grandma!

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