04.10.14A Mountain Winery and Brewery Escape

Last weekend was pretty darn close to perfect. My sister, my parents, and Rob’s parents all came into town Friday evening and helped get me pumped and ready for my race. They were the best cheering squad I’ve ever seen as they held signs and screamed for me along my route. It was so special having them all there to help me celebrate what I had been working toward for so long.

After my race, we walked over to Charlottesville’s Farmers Market. The market is held every Saturday morning until noon, and last Saturday was the first one of the year! The lot was teeming with tents, vendors, food, drinks, flowers, herbs, breads, crafts, and lots of people. It’s fun to get out in the mix and join in on one of Charlottesville’s more popular weekend activities.

The other popular weekend activity? Heading out of town about 30 minutes toward Afton, Virginia. There, we hit up two of my favorite wineries and a new-to-us brewery, all within about 5 minutes of each other. So once you get out there, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon bouncing around to each one and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and rolling mountain vistas.

We started at Veritas. After our delicious wine tasting (my favorite there is the Viognier), we grabbed a picnic table outside. Next up, we drove over to Afton Mountain Vineyards. Another wonderful tasting, but I think this winery has one of my favorite wines I’ve tried in Virginia: the Gewürztraminer. We split a bottle of that with the picnic we packed and enjoyed it all under a nice pavilion. Perfection. Then, to please the beer lovers of the family, we went to Blue Mountain Brewery, a spot Rob and I had been wanting to try. It was perfect because they have an extensive sit-down dinner menu and you can do beer tastings right there at your table. I let Rob and Stephanie do their beer flights (so many flights they couldn’t even finish them all) and just tried a couple sips from theirs. For dinner, I had the lamb gyro, but others had buffalo wings, pizza, BBQ, and sandwiches. My meal was fantastic, and the brewery was the perfect spot to end the day.


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