04.29.1430 before 30

It feels like I’ve lived a lot of life in my 25 short years. I’m truly thankful for all the experiences I’ve accumulated, and I love living life with an intention to do, see, feel, and experience as much as I can. While my life’s bucket list could go on and on, I thought I’d put together a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 — the next big milestone. Some big, some small… some practical, some not-so-practical. It helps me focus on what’s important, what I care deeply about, what I think would just be fun, and what I think will benefit my/our lifestyle.

1. Maintain real, live, greenery in our home
2. Go on a mission trip I feel passionate about
3. Develop a repertoire of at least 10 healthy home-cooked meals we love
4. Fully fund an “emergency” account that could last for 6 months’ time
5. Host annual Christmas parties
6. Learn to sew by hand, properly (i.e. buttons)
7. Celebrate each wedding anniversary with something meaningful to us
8. Become a morning person (a.k.a. a person who has a habit of waking up at 7am or earlier) with a consistent morning routine
9. Keep our finances digitally organized and systematic
10. Explore New England in the fall
11. Go through our closets semi-annually to donate what we no longer need/use
12. Make a will
13. Go to a new continent
14. Give away as much as we spend on Christmas gifts each year
15. Send someone flowers out of the blue
16. Take a trip with my sister
17. Complete at least one race each year (half-marathon, triathlon, etc.)
18. Find a church home and get involved in a ministry I/we care deeply about
19. Take a photography class with our DSLR camera and practice techniques
20. See John Legend in concert
21. Attend a horse race or polo match
22. Indulge in a spa day (with someone!)
23. Invest in our perfect couch
24. Go to a live taping of a TV show
25. Inspire/mentor someone else
26. Create photo books to document special trips/occasions
27. Visit a dermatologist regularly
28. Continue my education
29. Maintain a gratitude list
30. Plan a surprise getaway for Rob and me

What’s on your list before you hit the next big milestone in life?

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