03.19.14Introducing: Suitable

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Exactly one year ago, Rob and I were going through six weeks of pre-marital counseling through our church in NYC, Apostles. It was the most transformative experience for us as we were approaching our wedding and marriage. Not only did it shape our perspective on  God’s purpose for marriage, but we got to meet several other couples who we genuinely enjoyed sharing that time with.

One particular friend, Ray, was always impeccably dressed, yet completely down-to-earth and friendly. So it didn’t come as a complete shock when we got word that he recently launched his own fashion brand: Suitable (http://www.suitablenyc.com/)

Suitable’s focus is “the gentleman in the everyday man.”  They offer custom suits starting at just $295.  More importantly, they deliver beautiful design, simple collections, and blend style with a little bit of edge.  You’ll notice British heritage elements (e.g., double vent, ticket pocket) with bold patterns and subtle details.

Since marrying a business school student, I’ve become a lot more attuned to menswear and am so impressed with the collection that Ray and his team have put together. Furthermore, the affordable price and $50 of alterations credit (if needed) are incredibly appealing. Suitable is not only great for work-wear, but for suiting men in wedding parties, as well.

One more thing — when you receive your new custom-fit suit, you may not have a need for a previous suit in your closet. But that suit might be just right for another man who is trying to get on his feet. Suitable makes it very simple to help others. Just tell them your intention when you check out, put your old suit in the box that your new suit arrived in, then seal the box with their free shipping label and drop it off at any UPS. Suitable’s partner, CareerGear, will gift your old suit to help a gentleman get on his feet.

I hope you check out Suitable, a fashion brand I’m proud to support.

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