03.07.14Trottersons Take Mexico!

As Rob and I said a final good-bye to a deeply loved family member this week, we also look forward to celebrating the marriage of our friends, Bailey and Landon, at their destination wedding in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. It’s been quite a week, but I know that there is no one I’d rather go through those high highs and low lows with – all the tears and all the smiles – than Rob. I am so thankful for my partner in life. And how fortunate we are to have such wonderful family and friends along side us!

We’re currently en route to Mexico where we can’t wait to see Bailey and Landon… and also catch some warm rays on our pale skin and sip a margarita (or two three).

I’ve known Bailey and Landon for ages… I remember meeting Bailey in middle school with her long brown hair flowing all the way down her back. We were all in the same friend group in high school that went to football games (completely decked out in school spirit) together, watched movies on Friday nights, and supported each other in sports and life. When we were Seniors in high school, Bailey and Landon finally started dating and it’s been a joy to watch their relationship grow over the years. I love how committed they are to each other and to using their relationship to serve the Lord. They are such a fun, loyal, and passionate couple. I’ve cherished their friendship over the years and can’t wait to [finally] witness their marriage!

Bridgette and Bailey

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