02.28.14Friday Finds

Happy Friday, once again! Rob is in the midst of exams, and I am gearing up for a big work event this weekend, so that nixes any chance of seeing my sister on her birthday or catching the Oscars on Sunday night. But hopefully there will be a few moments of fun throughout ;-). Have a good one!

A map of every state’s favorite band. DMB got its start right here in Charlottesville!

History of Rap, part 5. JTim can do no wrong.

Eight surprising historical facts that will blow your mind.

A beautiful DIY project for Spring.

This song is an instant mood-booster.

The ultimate craft to do with little girls. (Playing dress up was one of my favorite things.)

I need to paint my next flower/plant pots like this.

How to survive falling through ice. You know. Just in case.

An inspiring read as I am mid-way through a de-clutter/simplifying process myself.

This cozy winter outfit is simple but perfect [I like winter white :)].

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