01.24.14Friday Finds

Good morning, Friday! I’m glad you’re back. This weekend holds some more Darden-related events, including a brunch with some friends and Darden Cup bowling. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines, since I don’t think bumpers are allowed. Go Section D! And have you heard?! Sean and Catherine are getting married in a live televised special on ABC on Sunday! Hope my fellow Bachelor fans are tuning in, as well :-). Ah, love. Official song of Team USA 2014.

Small apartments are cozy… but sometimes you need these tips.

Helpful bow-tying tutorials.

I’d like to eat this while pretending I’m back on a Grecian beach.

I love this dining nook… give me maps and pops of green!

Official Team USA apparel by Ralph Lauren

Why commas are so important : ).

Famous movie lines as wuzzles and charts.

How to re-heat pizza.

Jobs in America, broken down into this infographic.

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