01.13.1412-Week Half-Marathon Training Plan

On April 5, I’ll be running my second half-marathon – this time here in Charlottesville! I’m excited, but I really want to go into it more prepared than I did for my first one (April of last year). I’ll admit that it was especially hard to train last year with the frigid temps in NYC and the sun setting before I even left work. I didn’t belong to a gym near work or home ($100/month memberships weren’t in the budget), and once I got downtown to Rob’s apartment’s gym, I was often exhausted. Yes, I’m making excuses, but I didn’t have the commitment to rigorous training that I wanted. I trained hard on the weekends when I had time, but certainly not enough.

My goal for this year’s half-marathon is to be prepared so I can beat my time from last year (and maybe even find it easier). I’m officially 12 weeks out from race day. I’ve scheduled my trainings into my calendar each day. I’ve committed to waking up earlier in case I don’t have time to train in the evenings. I’m going to be better about this. If you, too, are looking to train for a half-marathon with beginner’s experience, I’m sharing my training schedule here. I basically researched several different training plans and came up with one that I thought would work best for me.

A few things to note:

  • All long runs (more than 5 miles) should be run at a conversational pace. Don’t kill yourself.
  • On cross-training days, do something you find fun. It could be tennis or swimming or cycling or yoga or even strength training.
  • If you find yourself exhausted, just rest that day. It’s okay to adjust the schedule as needed for your body.
  • On rest days, be sure to do some stretches.
  • Have fun with it! Run with a friend, try new workout playlists on Pandora, listen to podcasts, be alone with your thoughts, buy new workout clothes that make you feel confident.

training plan

Download and print: Half-Marathon 12-Week Training Plan for Beginners


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