11.01.13Friday Finds

Today I’m thankful for a weekend of rest ahead of me. After 4 amazing weekends of either travel or visitors and another one next weekend, I’m going to soak up some quiet. Rob has Term 2 exams (yesterday through Monday), so it will be especially quiet. Maybe some reading, a run or two, and some crafting for my sister-in-law’s baby shower will round out my weekend.

Oh, and happy November!

Do you have a case of laptop-thigh?

“PIVOT!” This game will keep my Friends occupied.

The high-rise life.

Say it isn’t so, Sriracha!

On my reading wish list.

Yummy Fall-flavored recipe with baked potatoes and asparagus. Success!

New York subway signs experiment!

The ghost stories of UVa.

Nodding along to this song.

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