09.25.13Darden | Neon Party

Business schools and business school students in general are socializing beasts. Darden in particular is on their game when it comes to organizing social events, and they definitely know how to throw parties and throw them regularly. The Neon Party a couple weeks ago was one of the bigger events of the year, held at a downtown bar that the b-school rented out, complete with a dance floor and an open tab. Unfortunately we missed the open tab part because we got there after it hit its limit, but the dance floor was still going strong. Which is really the fun part, anyway :). We got all decked out in our awesome neon gear and even got some cheers from undergrads as we made our way to the bar.

I loved the theme of the party – who doesn’t want to throw on crazy neon colors?! It’s so fun seeing what others come up with, too. What’s the best theme party you’ve been to?




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