07.26.17What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m back with an installment of What’s Up Wednesday. I’m linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel! Leave me a note if you’ve shared what’s up in your life.

What we’re eating this week:
This week we’re eating leftovers from the weekend, including pesto spaghetti squash and roasted chicken. But tonight, I’m taking a break from cooking and meeting Rob for dinner at The Meatball Shop — yay!

What I’m reminiscing about:
I’m reminiscing about an amazing visit we had with my parents a couple weeks ago. We had them here for several days and covered lots of ground across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx… stay tuned for a recap!

What I’m loving:
This summer I’ve been using tinted moisturizer with SPF every day, and I’m loving the light coverage, moisturizer, and built-in sunscreen. It’s perfect for summertime. I use this kind from Aveeno.

What we’ve been up to:
After lots of summer travels and visitors, we’re enjoying some normalcy and routine for the next few weeks. We’ve been spending time with friends and each other, and I’ve been grinding away with my summer courses at NYU.

What I’m dreading:
Lots of school papers and projects are coming up to wrap up my summer term. Gotta finish strong! But it’s hard when there are so many other fun things to do :).

What I’m working on:
Trying to balance full-time work and part-time graduate school can be a challenge. But it’s fun when I feel a sense of accomplishment from both worlds! Yesterday we launched our Fall campaign at Gap, and I’m especially proud of our messaging this season and the brand I get to represent. Check it out on social: Facebook, Gap Instagram, GapKids Instagram

What I’m excited about:
I’m excited that next summer I won’t be in class! My plan is to graduate next May, whoo hoo!

What I’m watching/reading:
After putting Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (she wrote The Girl on the Train) on hold at the library, I waited months to finally get to read it. But several chapters in, I simply couldn’t continue. The characters were vague and rambly, the plot was lacking, and I just wasn’t into it. It’s pretty rare that I start a book (especially one so long-awaited) and don’t finish it. But I didn’t think this one was worth my time to continue. Have you read it? What were your thoughts? Any other psychological thrillers out there that I should check out?

What I’m listening to:
I’m still firmly on the podcast train! I still love the Daily, but would love to hear what podcasts you like that aren’t news-related? I also listen to some Bachelor blogs (how embarrassing), and the Young House Love podcast regularly.

What I’m wearing:
This week I’ve been wearing jeans and long sleeves… I can hardly believe it! We were in a brutal heat wave last week, and this week it’s in the 60s and low 70s.

What I’m doing this weekend:
We have a typical weekend ahead, mixing friend time, date time, church time, and family time: bagels in Bryant Park with friends, a date planned by Rob, volunteering in the kids’ ministry at church, and plenty of FaceTime sessions with family & friends.

What I’m looking forward to next month:
Every year, Rob has to take a mandated, contiguous, two-week vacation from work. He schedules it in between my school terms so we can spend more time together. So in mid-August, we’re headed to the west coast! We’ll be visiting friends in San Francisco and exploring some of Northern California. This is a trip I’ve wanted to take for years, so I am so excited!

What else is new:
Not a whole lot is new right now, which is kinda nice!

Bonus question this month — Favorite thing about summer:
Picnics in the great city parks! And rosé. Can’t forget the rosé. Did you know Trader Joe’s sells canned rosé? Perfect for picnics! 🙂

What’s up with you?!

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